Providing us Photos and Videos to help get you work with large insurance companies.
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 Sponsor Mission

Mission Briefing


We are looking for photos and videos of jobs you performed for Insurance companies.  We have networked with several large insurance companies to perform surveying, property inspections, and property claims.  They have asked us to provide them with photos and videos that our pilots have taken of past jobs or recreational use so that they can determine how we can be most effective in helping their business become more efficient and cost-saving. Here are some of the photos we will be needing:

- Roofing Inspections
- Heating and Air Conditioner inspections on residential and commercials building
- Property Inspections before/after storms, natural disasters, property claims
- Land Surveying for acreage and farmland

Our team will examine the footage you provide so that we can effectively provide these companies with the best examples so that we can continue to broker the highest paying work possible for our pilots. 



 Standby. Footage coming soon...
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