Pilot FAQ

1. What is DroneBroker?

DroneBroker was created to revolutionize the drone market by providing a way for drone pilots to monetize from their content from projects and/or leisure.  Pilots also have the opportunity to participate in value enriched missions that deliver impact for various causes. Start earning money doing what you love most!

2. What are missions and how do I qualify for them?

Our missions are focused tasks that we deliver the highest quality content to customers in your local areas.  Mission also provide a way to draw exposure to content provided by drone pilots.

3. What is energy and how do I make it?

Energy is the currency exchange of goods and services between consumers and pilots on the DB website.

You can earn energy by either:

4. How do I get paid?

After you have set up your wallet, (set up here) you will then be able to cash out at anytime after you have completed a mission or have paid downloads from the content you’ve uploaded to the website. You must have at least $50 dollars in your account to make a withdrawal from the wallet.

5. Can I upload content from past projects or leisure?

YES! We encourage our Pilots to upload as much content as they want, given that it follows our guidelines DroneBroker will also connect will local sponsors and businesses as a broker for your the footage you provide. Our goal is to maximize the way our Pilots and Brokers make money, while providing the local content our explorers are look for.

6. Can I license my content to DroneBroker?

You will be able to give the authorization to license you content when setting up your account.

7. What is an Explorer and can I be one?

An Explorer is an individual, business, or agency looking for aerial content for production or marketing purposes.   Explorers are also people following and supporting the experiences that drone pilots provide.

8. Do I need to have a Part 107 to sell content?

Yes, it is an FAA requirement that you must have a Part 107 license to fly when operating a drone for income.  

9. Can I use DroneBroker to showcase some of the footage I have taken?

Yes.  You can upload footage to show some of the work.  If authorized you may also submit footage to missions.  

10. What is Rank on my dashboard?

Rank is your status on the DroneBroker platform. As Pilots take on more missions, upload content, and achieve other levels of accomplishments, you will then begin to move up in member ranking. Higher ranking members make more money, get selected for higher paid missions, and are provided additional ways earning revenue through energy.