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Without professional real estate photographs, an MLS listing looks bland and most of the time goes unnoticed by buyers. How many times have you perused the MLS for a home and found a listing like that? A poorly-taken photograph can make a gorgeous room look mediocre. Most people are aware of the value of professional real estate photos, but many are unaware of the value of aerial photography by drone. Drone photography and videography is the latest and greatest tool in the real estate agent’s marketing toolbox. 


The average price for drone photography (outside) is around $300-$1,000. Aerial footage of small residential properties may run from $150 to $500. This may seem expensive, but it makes a positive impression on homebuyers. When they see how large a parcel of land is or the ornate gardening and vegetation of a property, it moves them to tour the home. In fact, seventy-three percent of homeowners say they prefer to list with an agent who uses drone video in their marketing campaigns, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Plus, MLS statistics show that homes with aerial footage sell 68 percent faster. This is impressive, yet it’s estimated that only nine percent of real estate agents use listing videos to market homes.

Depth and Dimension

An aerial view rather than a street-level shot adds depth and dimension to a listing, giving details about not just the home, but the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Perhaps there’s a scenic greenway or park located nearby? That’s a selling point that can be accentuated in a listing with drone videography.

Some listings use drone videos to show the curb appeal of homes by recording the long wooded drive up to the estate or to show the close proximity of the home to area schools and shopping. If the property you’re trying to sell includes farmland, drone videography is a good way to show the dimensions and quality of crops.

Drone videos are meant to be an add-on to complement the standard real estate photographs posted on an MLS listing, not a replacement. 

Inside Out

Drone videos give the buyer a look at all the home's features inside and outside. This comprehensive view of the property's interior and exterior gives the buyer the whole picture. Drone videos often lead to more inquiries from prospective buyers which increases a home's chance to sell quickly. If you want to emphasize the special features of your clients' home, an inside and outside drone video is an ideal way to do that. 

The Commute

When a prospective buyer considers a home, they often think about commute time as a deciding factor. Also, the home’s proximity to area schools is important. With a drone video, you can show the drive to and from local business areas and schools.

Hiring a Professional

Drones have become more affordable, and some agents try to produce drone videos on their own. However, there are many legal and safety risks involved. It’s best to hire a local professional drone pilot who has extensive experience shooting and editing aerial videos. Working with a drone professional can protect you from legal problems. For instance, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricts drones from flying within five miles of airports. Other rules restrict airspace over power plants, government buildings, and other areas. Make sure that the drone pilot you hire has liability insurance. Most liability insurance policies cover up to $1 million.

Before hiring a drone pilot, please consider hiring a drone broker. A drone broker fully vets pilots, ensuring that the drone operator you hire will have all their legal ducks in a row and has the best price. A drone broker can find the best prices in the market to commission pilots and bundle post-editing services for your property.


By hiring a drone broker, you can save time and money. It’s the drone broker’s job to schedule and manage pilots and perform quality checks on the final footage.

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