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Drone technology is popping up everywhere in industries other than defense and photography. They’re being used in energy, construction, roofing, fishing, law enforcement, real estate, and farming. The energy sector is especially interested in extending the capabilities of drone technology to meet challenges in the field.

Several reasons compel energy officials and executives to use drone technology for their projects. Among these reasons are intelligent drone data, accuracy, high-quality imagery, safety, lower costs, and efficiency.

Intelligent Data

As an energy practitioner, you’ll save time and money by using aerial drone technology, not to mention the highly accurate and detailed data you’ll retrieve from each flight.


Inspection data is crucial to any energy project. For example, a solar inspection by drone can take around two hours at the most, but a manual inspection by a crew could take up to two days to complete. That’s a huge savings in time and man-power. The results are most accurate when done by a drone.

High Quality Imagery

Camera-shake isn’t a problem for the high-quality industrial drones we use at DroneBroker. With the right drone model and operator, you can capture close-up, detailed shots of an energy worksite at both the surface level and structural all in one flight. This is ideal for solar and turbine images. The detail of each angle of a structure can be captured in one flight which saves time that can take much longer on a manual inspection. This helps asset managers make the decisions they need to make about maintenance budgets at hand.

This is helpful for solar projects where shading needs to be tracked for certain times of the year at a solar site. This data is all available for analysis after one flight. Also, site data is easily consolidated into reports customized for what you want to research. Delivery of data can be delivered through a phone app.


It’s a no-brainer when you think about how difficult an oil rig worker’s job is when scaling a pilon. The danger of measuring or researching an oil rig’s structure is diminished when a drone is used to do the job. Aerial drone technology has not only made the lives of field maintenance personnel easier, but it has also saved many lives. Drone photography removes the risk from this otherwise dangerous job.

Lower Costs and Efficiency

Obviously, a one-time drone service would save an energy company thousands. Think about the employees that are needed to perform tests and assessments on an oil rig or other energy industry structure. In order for an oil rig to be researched, the rig must be shut down for about two days, ensuring the maintenance crew’s safety during the process. This downtime costs thousands, not to mention the manpower. A drone can do in two hours what it takes an oil rig crew to do in two days.

Future Uses for Energy

The evolution of drones brings speed and efficiency to many fields such as energy, construction, roofing, fire services, and farming. We are on the cusp of a second industrial revolution and drones will be one of the technological advances at the forefront of this exciting new world. Finding new and better ways to work will ensure safer and more efficient work sites in the energy industry.

Using a Drone Broker

Our network of drone pilots are highly skilled in scanning and shooting aerial imagery of energy worksites including wind turbines and solar. These experienced drone pilots can provide you with a detailed report on any site. pilots use state-of-the-art drones and software to avoid obstacles, providing you with high-resolution imagery and reports. Video footage can be recorded within 10 to 15 minutes of flight time, detailing angles, measurements, and distances along the way. The customer will have in-hand an evaluative report of their energy worksite within hours or less.

A drone broker like can help you choose the most qualified and affordable drone pilot in your area. Rather than choosing a drone hobbyist, you can hire a pro who is knowledgeable of the operation and legal requirements of drone operation. Our network of experienced drone pilots are highly vetted and come with a long list of references from satisfied clients.

To learn more about how aerial drone video and photography can help your energy company save money and deliver reports in record time, give reach out to We can explain our drone technology and operation in greater detail and answer any questions you may have about our packages and pricing.


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